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  • Pasta Primavera

    From: $45.00 per person

    Sautéed onion, garlic, carrots, summer squash, zucchini, snow peas, broccoli and tossed with penne pasta in a white wine cream sauce. Finished with Parmesan cheese (vegetarian or with chicken). Large size $85 feeds 20-25 people or small size $55 feeds 10-12 people.

    Small no chicken $45.00
    Small with chicken $55.00
    Large no chicken $65.00
    Large with chicken $85.00
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    Pumpkin Tortellini

    $8.99 per person

    Fresh made pumpkin style tortellini tossed with our house made spicy pecans in an herbed cream sauce.

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    Soup or Chili by The Gallon

    $30.00 per each

    Have any of our homemade soups or chili at your next meeting. In a convenient traveling soup container for easy dispensing. Call or email us for flavors and availability. Gluten Free Options Available.

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    Summer Chicken with Herbed Orzo

    $9.99 per person

    Boneless grilled chicken breast topped with mixture of grilled corn, hothouse tomatoes, fresh basil, and white balsamic vinegar served with orzo tossed with fresh herbs.

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    Tortellini With Prosciutto And Peas

    $8.99 per person

    Fresh made five cheese tortellini tossed with Prosciutto di Parma, garlic, and fresh peas. Served in a white wine cream sauce and finished with Parmesan cheese.

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