Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Halloween is over. the clocks have been changed, the turkeys have been cooked. The holidays are upon us. No matter how you celebrate, food is involved. It is my favorite time of year. This statement always gets a passionate response. Either lots of groans and “Not Me!” or smiles and clapping. So much to do, so much money spent, so many commitments to complete. I love it all, the parties, the food, all the family ! Call me crazy but I like the challenge.
I like inviting people in to my home, all decorated and guest ready. Of course I love feeding people, it’s why my second career is being a chef.
We are busy in the restaurant this time of year. Lots of corporate catering but we also provide orders for pick up for home parties or dinners. This service is becoming more popular every year. So if you are groaning and overwhelmed, call us. We can help you. Ask for me, I will be the one humming Christmas Carols.